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Triple QX

TRIPLE QX Maintenance Spray 600 ml

TRIPLE QX Maintenance Spray 600 ml

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A multi purpose lubricant with dewatering, penetrating and corrosion inhibition properties. Does not contain silicone.

Where to Use:

On all ferrous metals, as a general purpose lubricant specifically designed to release seized and corroded components, as a general purpose light duty lubricant, a dewatering fluid or as a temporary anti-corrosive coating.

Where NOT TO Use:
May cause stress cracking on some transparent plastic.

Loosens rust-to-metal bonds and frees stuck,frozen or rusted metal parts
Holds firmly to hinges, locks, mechanisms,chains preventing squeaks and creaks,contains PTFE
Corrosion-resistant ingredients to shield metal surfaces against moisture
Eliminates moisture-induced short circuits on electrical contacts and ignition systems
Removes grease, tar and gum. Also dissolves labels, tape & sticker adhesives
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