Shell DOT 4 ESL Brake & Clutch Fluid High Performance 500ml 0.5L

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Brand: Shell
Type: Fully Synthetic
Application: Brake & Clutch Fluids
Brake Fluid Type: DOT 4
DOT Rating: DOT 4
Quantity: 0.5 Litres
Full Details:
Shell Brake & Clutch DOT 4 ESL is a premium brake system and hydraulic clutch fluid for systems requiring a FMVSS No 116 DOT 4, ISO 4925 Class 6, and many vehicle manufacturers specifications where a fluid with low viscosity at cold temperatures in a borate ester (borate ester of polyglycol-ester) brake fluid. This fluid is particularly suited for anti-lock and traction control integrated brake systems.

Please note that this product comes in 500ml (not litre) bottles, so make sure you buy enough for the job!