Prestone -10c Max Visibility Ready To Use Screenwash 5L

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This Prestone Screen Wash is specifically engineered to improve driving visibility and comes ready to use. For all your winter driving needs, Prestone Screen Wash helps clear light ice and frost, helps reduce dangerous re-freeze from forming on your windscreen and protects the washer bottle from freezing down to -10c.
Severe Winter Conditions = 100% (Freezing Point -10C)
Normal Winter Conditions = 75% (3 Parts Screenwash / 1 Part Water) (Estimated Freezing Point -8C)
Mild Winter Conditions = 50% (2 Parts Screenwash / 2 Parts Water) (Estimated Freezing Point -5c)
Summer Conditions = 25% (1 Part Screenwash / 3 Parts Water) (Estimated Freezing Point -2C)