Motul M1 Motorcycle Helmet & Visor Cleaner - 250ml

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Keep your helmet looking as good as new

It's always nice to spruce up your helmet and this Motul M1 Helmet and Visor cleaner does more than a good job! Suitable for use on most helmet coatings thanks to its non-aggressive formula.

How to use: Simply spray on the outside of your helmet and visor, then leave to dry for a few moments. Wipe using a non-fluffy, soft and dry cloth for the perfect finish!

Manufacturers Specs

Ideal for cleaning the outside of helmets & goggle lenses without leaving any marks
Leaves a protective coating that has anti stick properties
Suitable for most helmet coatings & safe for use on Lexan lenses

Helmet & Visor cleaner from Motul. Ideal for cleaning outside of helmets as well as goggle lenses without leaving any marks. Non-aggressive formula that leaves a anti-stick protective film.