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L200 Pro OBD & GPS Digital Unit

L200 Pro OBD & GPS Digital Unit

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Note: We supply genuine products only, please be wary of any copy/imitations being sold elsewhere, all our products are genuine and come with warranty.

The L200 Pro is our latest leading digital interface for all car enthusiasts! Simply plug & play out of the box. The L200 Pro can be mounted directly onto your dash board or windscreen depending on your preference. Our kit includes everything you require for installation. Simply locate your OBD (usually under front foot well) and plug the cable into the port, run the wire through the trim of your car (tool included) so it is hidden neatly, and then position the L200 Pro either on your dash or windscreen using the 3M mount included. There are no other wires required as it takes power from the OBD port therefore turns on and off when the vehicle is started and turned off. There is an over-ride button to switch the L200 Pro on and off manually if you have an older car or your OBD port doesn't support all functions.

  • Max Speed Display - 225
  • Real time speed display (option to choose via OBD or GPS)
  • RPM
  • Water Temperture
  • Battery Voltage
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Turbo, Brake & Acceleration Test
  • Vehicle Error Code Reader & Clear Options
  • Display Unit in KPH/MPH
  • And much more

Your vehicle must be fitted with an OBD port in order for this unit to function, all options may not work depending on your vehicle and age of vehicle if using the OBD option only, this can be changed to use GPS mode on certain options such as speed and distance travelled.

This unit is a must for all car enthusiasts which doesn't only provide you with vital vehicle information, but cosmetically changes the look on your dash being small an sleek which can slot into any vehicle.

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