8x 3M Heavy Duty Foam Number Plate Adhesive Fixing Pads

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Specially designed for the application of fixing number plates to vehicles without the need for drilling or screwing, these sticky pads are weather proof, tough and durable.

Made with strong 3M Eva Foam.


Material : 3mm thick white foam coated each side with specially formulated adhesive.

Dimensions : 40mm x 40mm x 3mm thick

Finger lift release liner for ease of use


  • Remove old number plates

  • Ensure surfaces are clean and free from grease, polish etc.

  • Apply the pads to the Number Plate, 3 to 4 pads are usually sufficient

  • Carefully align the Number Plate and then press into position

**Please note that adhesives should be applied in dry conditions and only in temperatures of 10 deg c or above**