Are 4D number plates road legal after September 2021?


The DVLA has deemed 3D number plates designs as road legal if they confirm to the government regulations. These rules are designed to ensure the plates are easy to read by authorities and other motorists during both day and night. This being the case, the same rules also apply to the legality of 4D plates.

Providing the confirm to the rules regulating UK number plates, 4D plates are entirely legal to use on your car. For example, the acrylic characters must be presented in black on a white plate at the front of your vehicle and black on a yellow plate at the rear, both manufactured from reflective material. The characters must also follow the rules that dictate the measurements of letters and numbers, as well as the margins surrounding them.

The 4D characters on your plate must also be in the Charles Wright font to be up to standard. To ensure this, 4D laser cut number plates are created using professional equipment that provides an exacting standard of laser cutting, precisely matching the Charles Wright Font used as standard on UK number plates.

The material of the plate the 4D characters are attached to must also meet the same high level of British Standard (BS AU 145d) in order to be legal.

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